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Our Mission

Wine + Moxxi is committed to delivering exemplary wine and service to our customers while empowering the broader community. Our mission is driven by these promises:


The wine we source is delicious, authentically made, and at great everyday prices. We will not cut corners on quality to do so, though, which is why we scour the globe to find small producers who are farming organically and sustainably. This means no bulk wine, no additives, and no chemicals. You deserve more, and we are delivering more. You can read more about our commitment to organics here.


Great brands are built alongside the support other great brands. This is why we are committed to partnering with like-minded companies to create meaningful experiences together. We help our partners launch wine verticals, create memorable wine products, and celebrate the joy and fun of bringing quality co-offerings to you. Learn more on our partners page.


Wine + Moxxi is so much more than a wine company. We are a burgeoning community of like-minded members with moxie– heart, hustle, individuality and soul. We’re committed to bringing strong, independent members with Moxxi together, so we can connect, engage, and empower each other—while sipping a Cabernet, of course.

Giving Back

Wine + Moxxi strives to bring attention to socially conscious organizations by partnering with various non-profits across the globe. Our platform is and always will be to support and empower women. Wine + Moxxi delivers great tasting wine, and a strong sense of community—the cornerstones necessary to build a better world for women.

We are proud of our values and community and look forward to sharing them with you.