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Welcome to Wine + Moxxi!

Wine + Moxxi is all about celebrating and making things happen— usually over a glass of wine. While we started as a consumer brand, one thing we learned is that companies need even more help powering their wine programs. With complicated regulations and delicate fulfillment requirements, it can be a challenge to launch your wine vertical on your own. Wine + Moxxi is here to help.

We partner with like-minded companies to provide curation and fulfillment of your wine vertical. From wine gifts to a wine club to online wine shops, we help you design and launch your wine program. We work with leading food-tech and online consumer brands to launch a wine program that complements your core mission. Learn more about some of our partners and the work we do here.

But Wine + Moxxi is more than just a wine fulfillment company; we bring a modern and unique approach to wine curation. For one, we are highly committed to sourcing sustainable and organic wine. Simply put, like organic food, organic wine is better. You can read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

We are also committed to bringing consumers with moxie together so we can connect and engage around wine. That means, we help you reach your core customer better by developing engaging wine-related content and selecting hard-to-find wines so you stand out against your competition.

Wine makes every meal, experience, and memory better. We look forward to adding the power of wine to your portfolio. Please reach out to get started.

To many years of Wine + Moxxi to come,


Lauren Barnard, Founder + CEO