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Wine is extremely fragile and temperature sensitive, and caring for it by giving it proper love will help ensure you have an ideal experience each time you open a bottle. The ideal temperature range for wine storage is 55° F. If you do not have a temperature-controlled cellar, storing in a basement or cool, dark place is ideal. Be careful about fluctuating temperatures, which may be even worse than storing a wine above its ideal temperature. Wine that swings from cool to hot and back again is setting up the wine for early spoilage.

Serve your lighter-bodied whites at 40-45°F and your fuller-bodied whites at 50-55°F. Serve lighter-bodied reds at 55°-60°F and full-bodied reds at 60-65°F. Temperature control is really so important with wine. Keep them away from kitchen appliances and out of the heat.

We do our best to contract with carriers who use temperature controlled means to ship. However, we highly recommend that you use a delivery address where someone can receive the wine at the time of delivery the first delivery attempt to minimize back-and-forth between the carrier’s facility and you.