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Recap! Kitchen Gypsy Joanne Weir Talks Wanderlust and Tequila at her 18th Cookbook Launch Party

Sep 28, 2015 | posted by in Industry, Lifestyle | 1 comment

There are some born with such a curiosity and thirst for this life that they cannot stay in one place. They cannot live by the rules. They may even wander. But their hearts skip a beat. They take chances, and they beam with such radiance that people admire them from near and far.

These, my friends, are gypsies.

I met one such gypsy recently who completely stole my heart. This gypsy is Joanne Weir, owner of restaurant Copita, alum of Chez Panisse, host of her very own PBS cooking show, and author of 18 cookbooks. She hosted a group of 15 curious and hungry female food writers at her beautiful home in San Francisco to introduce us to her new cookbook, Kitchen Gypsy.


Joanne Weir, chef, author, kitchen gypsy.

Joanne Weir, author of her 18th cookbook, Kitchen Gypsy.

Kitchen Gypsy is a diary of Joanne’s nomadic life through food, chronicling her journey from childhood through the kitchen of Chez Panisse into Copita and throughout the world, sharing all of her recipes in this book that inspired her along the way.

We each were asked to make a dish to share from Kitchen Gypsy. I chose Tabbouleh because, naturally, it seemed like the easiest. (But it wasn’t easy!) Others made dishes such as her citrus salad with mint and red onions, carrot soup with anise, and lemony lemon squares.

Tabbouleh from Joanne's recipe in Kitchen Gypsy.

Tabbouleh from Joanne’s recipe in Kitchen Gypsy.

But the dish that stole the show was, of course, Joanne’s arroz con pollo. She started the night with a cooking demo of it and dazzled us with stories of her wanderlust, filled with romance for food (and handsome men).

Arroz con pollo, made by Joanne herself.

Arroz con pollo, made by Joanne herself.

And she graciously engaged in our stories, remembered us all by name, and hosted us with such warmth. She even made us her famous Oaxacan chocolate milkshake with tequila for dessert. (Who know tequila went so well with chocolate?)

None of us left without feeling that we, too, spent a night in wanderlust, all inspired to dream big, travel more, and cook with a vengeance. This is one cookbook not to be missed. You can get your copy of Kitchen Gypsy on Amazon

Joanne Weir's 18th cookbook, Kitchen Gypsy.

Joanne Weir’s 18th cookbook, Kitchen Gypsy.




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